Digital Solace is a collection of reflections on wellbeing, creativity, and purpose in the digital age. From mental health and yoga, to social media and psychology — it’s reflected on here. My writing takes various forms. Expect a mixture of blog posts, flash fiction, and poetry.

A graduate of Law, I use my strategic thinking and persuasive communication skills as a freelance writer & content strategist. Specialising in healthcare, marketing technology, career development and diversity, I help publications and brands publish purposeful content.

Over the last four years I’ve helped to found and grow Brighton Digital Women,  alongside Rachel Finch and Allegra Chapman. Brighton Digital Women is a non-profit that runs inclusive monthly events which help women step up to leadership roles in digital and tech.

I’m a born and bred Brightonian. And I’m conscious that I’ve never really left my lovely left-wing bubble. Other than three months in Canada, six weeks in Singapore, Australia and Thailand, and various holidays to Russia, the US and Europe… I’ve always been here. In Brighton. Spending my days gazing at the sea. Or swimming in it. With my beloved West Pier. And at night, dancing around the Green Door Store.

I’m acutely aware that I need to expand my horizons. Travelling is firmly on my agenda. I want to experience every part of the world. Fortunately, my freelance lifestyle allows me to take time out to travel. I’m blessed to be able to live this way.

I’m a proactive, productive and creative person. I’m also innately curious and deeply analytical. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2012 and use creative journaling as a way to manage my mood. I have kept diaries since I was nine. But since my diagnosis, I’ve started to use journaling as a more creative and therapeutic outlet.

I write most days either first thing in the morning, during the day when the mood strikes me, or in the evening. My writing takes whatever form I need it to that day. Sometimes I write as if I were my best friend counselling myself. Other times I write as if writing a letter. On occasion, my writing is just a stream of consciousness. Or it comes out as poetry.

When I hit upon a topic or theme that I want to explore further, I write a post about it for Digital Solace. I hope you enjoy getting lost in my thoughts.

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